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England and Iceland: The Perfect Destinations for Last-Minute Getaways

When your last-minute guests are looking for a quick getaway to Europe, it’s hard to know what to recommend. While the best option will always boil down to the particulars of your clients’ wishes, London, England, and Reykjavik, Iceland serve as two excellent options.

Why London and Reykjavik? Each city has their own unique flavour and appeal. Dynamic London serves as the ultimate destination for theatre enthusiasts, shopaholics, music aficionados, and those travellers with a passion for gastronomy. Not to be outdone, Reykjavik is also host to a number of outstanding restaurants, and the city is known for incredible seafood and the more iconic lamb stew (honourable mention: their excellent hot dogs).

The London Eye

What’s more? Both cities are—relative to many other places in the world, and most of Europe—only a few hours away and most major cities on the eastern seaboard offer overnight flights; go to bed in North America, arrive in Europe first thing in the morning! 

At Goway, we have a number of go-as-you-please getaways ready for your guests, whether they are planning last-minute or months in advance. As with all of our tailor-made travel ideas, each of our trips can be customized to suit the unique interests of your guest. Destination specialists are at the ready to add or subtract days and change touring options or hotel selections—the only limitations are imagination (and yes, budgets)!

Oxararfoss Waterfall in Thingvellir National Park

For luxury travelers, our Luxurious London trip makes for the perfect weeklong trip, while the London Spotlight itinerary is a great option for guests with less time to travel. In Iceland, Reykjavik and The Golden Circle is sure to delight, and Reykjavik in Style fills the void for those with just a few days to escape.

For guests seeking a trip that is more affordable, there are many options. For example, both our Highlights of London Getaway and Reykjavik in Depth program offer outstanding value for guests without sacrificing quality or experiences.

A final thought to keep in mind, especially with those last-minute jetsetters: being large (or in Reykjavik’s case, large-ish) cities that have strong tourism industries, hotel availability and touring options are often easier to arrange than other places that are off the beaten path. 

Between their dynamism, travel ease, and the ability to plan last-minute, please keep London and Reykjavik in mind the next time your customers are wondering where to go next! To learn more about our European travel programs, please check out our current offerings, or better yet, give us a call at 1-800-557-2841 to speak with a destination specialist today.


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