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Goway Offers Unforgettable Vacations to 25 Destinations Across Asia

Vacations to 24 Asian Destinations Beyond China

Despite the news media making it seem that the opposite is true, China is not the only country in Asia. In fact, there are dozens of countries across the world’s largest continent that are all worth seeing and exploring to their fullest. At Goway, we can help travellers explore this continent and get the most out of this fascinating region of the world.

We provide vacations to 24 Asian destinations beyond China and offer 358 customized travel ideas across the continent. Travellers can ride the rails across Japan to discover Buddhist temples and futuristic cities, delve into the street food of Bangkok before relaxing on the beaches of Phuket, or get that unforgettable photo in front of the Taj Mahal in India. Our destination specialists are equipped with the expert knowledge to put together your client’s dream vacation to Asia, and customize it to suit their every travel need.

The health and safety of our travellers has always been our primary concern and you can check out this post to learn more about how travel to China has been affected with Goway. But there is so much more to our world than China.

For your globetrotting clients, we offer the rest of our wonderful world, including Africa and the Middle East, Australia and the South Pacific, Central and South America, the UK and Europe, and the Arctic and Antarctica. We’re also celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year, which means that travellers can depend on our half century of travel expertise and take advantage of our Golden Sale featuring 50 trips for 50 years.

The world is too big and too beautiful to stay at home. Travellers can see the world with Goway and go globetrotting today.


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