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Expedition Cruise in Antarctica with a Twist

Small cruising in Antarctica is something of a contradiction in terms. While the vessels may be small compared to traditional cruise ships, the oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) and seas (Drake Sea or Passage, Weddell Sea, and Scotia Sea) on which one travels are some of the largest in the world.

These seas and oceans are collectively referred to as the Antarctic Ocean, and while not the largest ocean, it is one of the most remote, and at times hostile, oceans of the world—at least to humans. According to a recent ocean census, up to 58 percent of supposed marine life in the region has yet to be discovered!

Throughout these vast polar waters, Goway offers your clients options in all styles and budgets for small vessel cruising in a pristine region of the world.

Amidst the solitude of Antarctica, adventurous clients can discover an ethereal landscape that very few have ventured into. Antarctica reminds those who visit it of nature’s awesome (and savage) power. The region also remains one of the last frontiers for small vessel cruising, not to mention adventurous travel.

Back in the day, Antarctica was a destination for the financially well-to-do and those with a true spirit of adventure. One of these two prerequisites has changed—you no longer need to be a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to travel to one of the world’s last true frontiers.

With all the talk of fierce oceans and seas, one popular choice for visiting the southern polar region is the “Fly – Cruise” option. With this option, travellers avoid crossing the Drake Passage by flying over it, saving time and avoiding potential misery for those susceptible to seasickness.


Whale Tail Waving in Antarctica
Get a glimpse of a waving whale tail

Added on to a South America vacation or taken on its own, an Antarctica cruise is an unforgettable adventure. This unique itinerary flies to the frozen southern continent from Punta Arenas, so your clients can make the most of their time exploring this incredible world. This 6 or 8-day trip to Antarctica flies travellers from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island in the South Shetlands. Guests enjoy a tour of the area around the Presidente Eduardo Frei Research Base before boarding their vessel, the M/V Ocean Nova, the Hebridean Sky, or the new Magellan Explorer.

Sailing through the icy fjords will showcase the dramatic landscapes and rich wildlife of the Antarctic. Penguins, sea birds, seals, and whales all thrive here, and zodiac vessels take globetrotters in for a closer look. Travellers will also have the benefit of expert guides and informative lectures to put their sightseeing in perspective. Travellers enjoy every comfort aboard their ship as they explore many of the islands, channels, and points around the Antarctic Peninsula. The precise itinerary will vary according to conditions, ensuring your clients a memorable journey in comfort and safety.

Book by Sep 30th 2018 and save $3400US / $4420CA on our Fly – Cruise Antarctica Expedition. Available dates are 2019: Nov 29, Dec 10 and 2020: Jan 2, 14 & 15, with savings starting from $2995US / $3895 based on a triple cabin.


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