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Goway Air Only Specialist Gets Group Bookers Off the Ground

Some groups know where they’re going and what their plans are once they hit the ground. That doesn’t mean however that they won’t benefit from the advice of an experienced travel agent, particularly when it comes to getting there. That’s why Goway Groups Only is proud to include Purvi Shah, our own ‘Air Only’ specialist for groups, with access to the best deals and itineraries – simple or complex – on the world’s top rated airlines.

An expert in the complex logistics and changing demands of air travel, Purvi is dedicated to finding the best airfare, routing and airline to meet the needs and budget of any travelling group. They then work closely with the airline and with you to confirm and manage the seat block over the course of the booking. 

Here are 7 more reasons* to leave your air arrangements in Goway’s capable hands:

  1. We sell itineraries on top rated airlines to take your group anywhere in the world
  2. We will hold confirmed seat blocks up to 10 months prior to departure
  3. Full payment for tickets  not required until ticketing deadline
  4. Favorable ticketing and penalty deadlines
  5. Quick turnaround times from request to quote to booking
  6. Earn $5 per passenger on Goway Rewards Card on travelled groups
  7. Group destination specialists handle land arrangements in any Goway destination

No group is too big, too small or too unusual for the tour planning experts at Goway Groups. For more information, contact Purvi Shah at [email protected] or visit Goway Air Only Groups.

Alternatively, contact us to request a quote

* Subject to specific rules & regulations of each airline


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