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Goway Destination Specialists Remain Experts by Travelling the World

At Goway, we help people travel the world because we’re travellers ourselves. We’re the first people to hit the dusty trail and explore new corners of the earth. As pandemic restrictions have peeled back over the past year, we’ve also been some of the first travellers to venture across the world and get updated information on what it’s like to travel right now.

We’ve sent many of our Destination Specialists on business trips to learn about how the pandemic has changed the travel experience and shaped destinations, both classic and trending. Not only does this give us updated information, which helps us sell state-of-the-art travel packages, but it also helps our team live a life of travel, which is a central mission at Goway.

We’ve been exploring the world recently and we want to catch you up on some of the top ways that Goway Destination Specialists have travelled the world and bring you first-hand knowledge about the destinations we sell.

Goway Destination Specialists Travel the World

Goway staff outside the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. (Credit: Tanya Fuller)

Our Destination Specialists have been all over the world recently, from places as far-flung as Australia to as close-to-home as Central America. We’ve also sent our team members on familiarization trips and business excursions to destinations on several continents. Destination Specialists have climbed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, toured the pyramids in Egypt, explored the markets of Marrakech in Morocco, hiked to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda, gone on safari in Kenya, enjoyed private island experiences in the Maldives, seen the best of India, toured the Golden Triangle of Thailand, gazed upon the Northern Lights in Iceland, ventured through the South of France, visited the treasures of the United Kingdom, cycled the islands of the Inland Sea in Japan, and explored the breathtaking landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, of course. Our specialists are up-to-date on these stunning destinations and ready to offer expert advice when planning trips for your clients.

Goway Invests in its Staff

Goway invests heavily in staff training, but we are also committed to all of our Destination Specialists having worked, lived, or travelled extensively in the destinations they sell. That means we have invested a lot of resources to send them on the road to explore the aforementioned destinations. Especially over the past six months, we’ve been updating our information on our bestselling destinations and learning more about cutting-edge spots that will be popular in the years to come. We invest in our staff experiences and the expertise that Goway is known for.

Goway Is Committed to Expertise

Despite the changes and difficulties of the past few years, we remain committed to having the best reservation department in the business and experts with first-hand knowledge of our destinations. We don’t take the term “expert” lightly, so we’re constantly working to ensure we live up to this title. Rest assured that when you work with a Goway Destination Specialist, you’re working with a professional who has up-to-date and lived experience of the destinations they sell.

Goway Crafts Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Hiking to see chimpanzees in the rainforests of Uganda. (Credit: Alice Teramoto)

We are all about crafting dream vacations for Globetrotters. Considering that our staff members are also Globetrotters, it’s important that they have unforgettable travel experiences when travelling for work. And our staff do. The following are our Destination Specialists’ first-hand accounts of some memorable travel experiences over the past year:

“When tracking leopards in Botswana, we learned how to tell what kind of cat we were following and that there was a male, a female, and a cub. Although we didn’t see the leopard the first day, the following day we spotted a mother and cub.” — Vanessa Lloyd, Destination Specialist for Africa

“I loved the Museum of the Future in Dubai. It truly is the most beautiful building in the world. I have never seen anything like it. I spent an hour standing outside, mesmerized by the calligraphy on the building. It really is like stepping into the future.” — Leyan Saleh, Destination Specialist for Africa & Middle East

“The nighttime Tuk Tuk Street Food Experience in Bangkok was amazing. It was great to see the foods being prepared and served with pride, showcasing what a great city Bangkok is for foodies.” — Cheryl Johnston, Destination Specialist for Asia

“Depending on where you stay in Marrakech, you can either get a feeling of staying at a resort destination or living like a local as you indulge in walking in the medina and enjoying the freshly squeezed orange juice any time of day. — Bijal Kana, Reservations Supervisor

“Being back in Tokyo was a dream. It’s a city where anything seems possible, where you can find peace in the most gorgeous manicured garden you’ve ever seen or step into the future in the bustling streets of Shinjuku. Having a bowl of shoyu ramen in Bizentei, a small ramen bar in Chiyoda, with the master chef smiling and sharing a laugh is something I’ll never forget.” — Aren Bergstrom, Head of Content & Communications

Goway Also Wants Partners to Explore the World

We’re not just committed to sending our staff out into the world to get updated information on popular destinations and experience how the world has changed. We also want to send our partners out into the world to explore and learn and upgrade their skills. This is why we’ve developed the Passport to a Free FAM program, which rewards travel professionals who sell all of Goway’s destination regions. Sell a region, get a stamp, and when you fill your passport, you’ll be treated to a free spot on an upcoming Goway FAM. Visit Goway Agent for full details.

We love exploring the world, learning new things about the places we sell, and discovering new places for the first time. We love to learn and to discover and to get lost in beautiful parts of the world. And we’re committed to being the experts on the destinations we sell, which means constantly visiting these destinations and having our staff experience these places first-hand. We want to share the world and can’t wait to work with you to craft these sorts of experiences for you and your clients.


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