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Top Travel Trends for 2024

Goway recognizes the importance of staying ahead of trends in the fast-paced and evolving world of travel. This foresight is crucial to offering your clients the most exceptional service across the world’s greatest destinations, so leap into 2024 with us here as we explore the top trending travel styles and destinations set to define the new year. 

Rail JourneyS

Rail tourism is the fastest-growing travel category and is emerging as a preferred choice for travellers as a more cost-effective, time-efficient, and sustainable alternative to flights and road trips. With the abundance of rail travel packages across the world’s most incredible destinations, including the rugged Alaskan wilderness, the splendid Swiss Alps, Japan’s ancient temples, and the bustling cities of South Africa, rail travel is an easy trend to capitalize on to ensure the best experience for your clients as they live out their travel dreams.   

Experiential Wildlife & Astrotourism

Globetrotters are actively investing in experiential travel, putting their money where their mouth is. Global spending on travel and experiences increased over 50% more than spending on consumer items from 2019 to 2023. Help your clients connect with the world’s natural wonders and send them on an immersive wildlife experience, from African safaris to snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef or cruising along the Amazon River. 

We’re not the only ones excited. The sun will be the most active it’s been in 20 years in 2024. Travellers adventuring through Utah’s five national parks, journeying to Niagara Falls, or exploring Mexico City can catch April’s total solar eclipse, while those on a Lapland vacation or Antarctica cruise might see the best display of Northern (and Southern) Lights of the past two decades. 

Extended Stays

We expect the demand for long-term travel to continue rising in this new world of hybrid work and growing awareness of work-life balance. Whether combining business trips with holidays or setting up the home office abroad, luxury travellers want longer and more fulfilling trips. Odysseys by Goway cater to this growing market, offering your clients longer stays with a tight-knit group of fellow travellers, exploring hidden gems most tour guides have never heard of with one of our experienced local guides. There’s an Odyssey by Goway for everyone, whether they’re chasing the Great Migration across the Serengeti, cruising the Nile River to ancient tombs and temples, or scaling cloud-draped mountains to the Lost Citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu. 

Special Events & Sports Tourism 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour generated more than $10 billion of economic impact in five months, showcasing the influence of major entertainment events on tourism. Events like these bring people in, even if they’re not attending the event. Sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in global tourism, and 2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year, with the Australian Open already underway and the Olympic Games set to unfold this summer in Paris. While tickets to marquee events like the Olympic Games may be hard to come by, other events like the Qatar F1 Grand Prix are still available. Goway’s Groups Only department will help get your clients as close to the action as possible, customizing trips for any group of 10 or more travellers.

Rising Classics 

Japan remains one of the world’s most popular destinations. Last year’s cherry blossom season was the busiest ever, and this year’s is expected to be even busier. Rail travel in Japan is also some of the world’s best, and with a Japan Rail Pass, your clients can race from Tokyo Station to Osaka and beyond.

Antarctica’s vast frozen landscapes and incredible wildlife have been calling globetrotters across the Drake Passage as affordable air, land, and sea cruises continue to rise. Goway’s curated Antarctica packages will help you and your clients capitalize on this rising trend, sending them on unparalleled and unforgettable polar adventures.

Emerging Hotspots 

Saudi Arabia is emerging as the world’s second-fastest-growing tourism destination. Increasing investment in tourism-related infrastructure, the overall tourism experience, accessibility, and major events like the 2024 Formula 1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in Jeddah is expected to attract around 30 million international tourists this year.

Belize’s tropical rainforests, Caribbean seas, and year-round subtropical climate are drawing in more snowbirds than ever before. Belize should stay on your mind throughout 2024 as it’s suitable for all types of travellers, whether they’re looking to relax on the beach or venture deep into the jungle in search of ancient Mayan ruins. 


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