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Goway Sees Huge Potential Growth in Asia for 2024

For several years now, Asia has continued to grow as one of the hottest and most appealing destination regions for the North American traveller. But Goway sees even more room for growth in 2024 with some exciting trends and new destinations opening up for globetrotters.

top Trends for Travel to Asia

Travel to Japan is booming.

Japan leads the pack in terms of overall demand, as the cherry blossom season in spring continues to be the hottest item on the calendar. Japan was slower than other destinations in reopening post-pandemic. Add to that the high standards of Japanese hospitality, which required more time to staff up and train new hospitality hires, and the demand has grown to a fever pitch. The new year might see record numbers of international visitors for the cherry blossom season, especially in Kyoto, so any interested travellers need to book well in advance. It might be prudent to already plan for 2025 at this point. Add in new attractions across Japan, including the theme park Ghibli Park and The Making of Harry Potter experience at Warner Bros. Studio Japan, and you’ve got a perfect storm of demand from western travellers who want to make up for lost time.

Thailand remains popular.

Thailand remains neck-and-neck with Japan as far as traveller demand goes. Its combination of sandy beaches, historical highlights, amazing food, and friendly people make it a very popular destination for North American travellers. It’s still one of the best value for money destinations in the world, which allows travellers to extend their trip and go deeper into specific parts of the country. This is especially appealing for travellers who want to add on a beach stay in the south of Thailand, combining some of the mainstream islands including Phuket and Koh Samui with lesser-known ones to experience both popular spots and hidden gems. Goway helps travellers explore the food scene of Bangkok, meet elephants in the hills outside Chiang Mai, and explore the history of Thailand in Ayutthaya.

Travel to Vietnam is a sleeping giant.

There are also other travel markets that eager travellers can take advantage of across Asia, namely Vietnam. This Southeast Asian destination has gained momentum with North American travellers as more people discover its appealing blend of history and culture, and attractive price point. The rising popularity of Vietnamese cuisine, including pho and banh mi, has only added to the growing momentum of Vietnamese travel. With Goway, travellers can explore the world-class landmarks including Halong Bay and the French Quarter of the capital Hanoi or go further afield to hidden gems such as the mountain city of Dalat or Ninh Binh, known as Halong Bay on land.

Maldives feeds the need for high-end travel.

There are also more options than ever for high-end travellers seeking a refined travel experience in Asia, For example, the Maldives grew in prominence during the pandemic, taking advantage of its open borders to attract travellers looking for an upmarket island experience. Once travellers got a taste of its private island pleasures, they haven’t looked back. The Maldives is also an appealing destination to pair with others in Asia and the Middle East. With Goway, it’s easy to combine the Maldives with Qatar or Dubai due to convenient airline connections, making for the ultimate shop and flop vacation for high-end travellers.

More travel connections in the Middle East.

North American travellers will have even more opportunities to add on a trip to the Middle East with the launch of Saudi Arabia products with Goway. Travellers can pair together the Nabataean treasures of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, extend the trip into Egypt, or simply use Saudi Arabia as a jumping off point to destinations deeper in Asia.

Asia is a beach alternative to the Caribbean.

As always, Asia also offers an appealing alternative to beach destinations in the Caribbean. Although further afield, Asian destinations such as Bali and Thailand offer an array of beautiful natural environments, year-round warm weather, and a bevy of high-end resorts featuring personalized wellness treatments. Add to that the cultural appeal of an easy connection to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Singapore, and travellers have more reason than ever to make Asia their next beach destination.

In 2024, there will be more opportunity than ever for travellers to experience the wonders of the Asian continent. And they can enjoy expert service and customized travel offerings with Goway, the leaders in tailor-made travel.


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