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7 Reasons to Book Odysseys by Goway

It’s exciting times as we’ve got a new product line to share with you and we think you’re going to like it. We’re happy to introduce Odysseys by Goway, our curated collection of unforgettable small group journeys, guided by Goway.

In the past, we’d sometimes dabble in the tour operator world and we’re putting that hat on once again to showcase unique travel experiences in some of the most fascinating countries in the world. Odysseys by Goway are exclusive, they’re intimate, and they’re completely out of the ordinary. If you want to impress your clients and help them enjoy exceptional travel experiences, making good commissions in the process, book them on an Odyssey by Goway.

Why should you book Odysseys by Goway?

Odysseys by Goway offer curated, unique experiences.

These aren’t your ordinary travel experiences. They’re unique, curated, and leverage the full depth and breadth of Goway’s travel product line. Our teams are true experts in the destinations they sell, and Odysseys by Goway reflect this fact, with experiences you won’t find on most small group tours of Italy or Peru, for instance. Your clients can stay in a fairy-tale-like Trulli home in Alberobello, Italy, join a cooking class in Jeddah led by a skilled female Saudi chef, or explore Napier in New Zealand in a vintage 1930s car.

Odysseys by Goway help travellers stay longer and explore more.

Too many travel journeys are rushed! Not Odysseys by Goway, which spend a minimum of two nights in each destination to ensure that travellers enjoy a refined pace. As well, this allows travellers to go deeper into each destination, with tours of hidden gems and other spots that most fast-paced tours don’t have the time to visit.

Odysseys by Goway feature small groups for close encounters.

Every Odyssey by Goway has a maximum of 16 travellers, which offers an intimate travel environment. Your clients can bond with like-minded explorers and gain access to restaurants and landmarks that aren’t open to larger travel groups.

Odysseys by Goway feature elevated travel experiences.

All Odysseys by Goway feature premium accommodations to ensure that your clients are rested and have memorable experiences each night along the way. Furthermore, travellers spend less time in transit and more time in destination, which is easy on the body and more exciting.

Odysseys by Goway are guided by globetrotters.

Goway oversees these trips from start to finish. Our Destination Specialists plan them, while local Goway guides and drivers escort the travellers while on tour. This allows us to ensure high quality throughout the entire travel process and offer you and your clients a seamless booking experience.

Odysseys by Goway have guaranteed departure dates.

Don’t you love booking with peace of mind? We do too, which is why we offer guaranteed departure dates on Odysseys by Goway. Your clients can book with confidence and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their trip is going ahead regardless of whether it sells out (although between us, we think Odysseys by Goway are going to be hot ticket items).

Odysseys by Goway go to 10 different countries.

Odysseys by Goway are united in their uniqueness and the epic travel experiences they offer, but they’re not monolithic. Currently, there are 12 Odysseys by Goway going to 10 different countries: Italy, Peru, India, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, and Ghana.

Learn all about Odysseys by Goway on our website. Get in touch with your Account Manager or Destination Specialist if you have any questions. These are exciting trips full of unique experiences in gorgeous destinations. Help your clients write their own epic travel story on an Odyssey by Goway.


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