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Group Travel Wins Every Time!

The perennial battle between the advantages of group travel vs. self-directed travel is heating up as the ever-growing Baby Boomer market moves into retirement. The battle was even waged in a recent newspaper article, where the writer took issue with a previous article on the merits of a self-directed tour, by stating what every group traveller already knows, “….she certainly did not save money at all over taking a group tour, and almost certainly did not enjoy as many excursions or wonderful ethnic meals as we did on our tour.”

Travelling in a group is no longer considered just for “old people.” Group travel is now the preferred way to experience the world for all ages, interests, and budgets. Goway is on the leading edge of this mode of travel with our GroupsOnly division, offering our unique, innovative, and customized tour planning expertise.

Still not convinced? Here are some other great reasons to travel on a group tour, which you can share with your clients:

1. Camaraderie: Like-minded people tend to choose similar tours and experiences.

2. Companionship: Friends with similar interests travel together and make more friends. Single and solo travellers forge new bonds and friendships and share their stories.

3. Safety: That old saying, “safety in numbers”, suits group travel to a tee!

4. Fun: “The more the merrier!” More laughter at dinner, more stories to share, more friends to make.

5. Stress-free: It’s been said, “Group travel is group therapy,” and, with a tour leader looking after everything, there is more time to embrace the experience and the destination.

6. Convenience: One call and all the trip details such as transportation, baggage handling, meals, hotels, and touring is looked after.

7. Flexibility: Itinerary is customized to fit the interests and budget of each group.

8. Value: Costs are spread out and more can be included for less!

Hiking in the Western Cape, South Africa

Not only is group travel a winning choice for Globetrotters, it is also a battle worth fighting for travel agents and travel planners, and our GroupsOnly division provide plenty of support.

1. Partnership: Call GroupsOnly and we look after all the booking and operations of the tour and assist with promotions and flyer design, allowing you more time to concentrate on sales and marketing to your contacts.

2. Easy selling: Outline the advantages listed above and you will have a “groupie” for life! We will work together to create a competitively-priced, customized itinerary that will sell in your market.

3. Perks: Depending on final numbers, you or your tour leader can usually travel for free with 20 paying passengers!

4. Profitability: Groups are the fastest way to profits; the more passengers on the group, the more profit for you.

5. Loyal Customers: Satisfaction, new friendships, perception of “value for money,” innovative itineraries to exotic destinations, and confidence in the tour leader all lead to repeat customers wanting to travel with you again. Don’t forget… happy customers tell their friends who tell their friends… and so on.

Caravan of Tourists on Camels in Desert, Morocco
Group camel caravan in the Moroccan desert

Organize a group for your valued clientele and take advantage of GroupsOnly by Goway’s experience and destination expertise, to all exotic locales – South Pacific, Asia, Africa and Middle East, Central and South America, and Europe. With competitive pricing, innovative itineraries, assistance with promotions and advertising, assistance with designing flyers and e-brochures, comprehensive documentation, and Group Information Kits, GroupsOnly has all the bases covered, so you will achieve a winning combo of happy, repeat customers, and steady profitability!

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For any agent/travel planner who wants to grow their group business, please contact our GroupsOnly by Goway division by phone at 1-800-838-0618, by email at [email protected], or visit us online at www.goway.com.


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