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Groups are Booming. Don’t be Left Out

Travelling with a group has never been more desirable—big groups, small groups, low budget, no budget, short stays and long stays – the benefits of travelling with like-minded people to exotic locales has never been greater. Security, fun, new friends, customized experiences, value-for-money… the ‘group’ advantages reign supreme.

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Here are 3 hot tips to ride the wave of the group boom in 2018 and beyond:

Tap the Power of a Pied Piper

The “makings” of a group are everywhere in your community. From the people you know to the clubs you belong to, to the Facebook friends you have, to the local newspapers and magazines that arrive on your doorstep and to the endless Googling you can do on the world wide web – all are sources for potential groups and more importantly, your ‘Pied Piper.’

A big key to developing successful groups (groups that generate profit and repeat clients) is having a good group leader – or Pied Piper – that loves to travel, loves inspiring and helping people, and has the skills to capitalize on both these passions. Pied Pipers promote with enthusiasm and are in your community, ready to be found. They might be local celebrities, store owners with products that complement travel (wine, golf, food/cooking), church leaders, club presidents etc. Pied Pipers come from all walks of life. They are people-oriented, influential, personable, trustworthy, committed, and natural-born salespeople. A good Pied Piper will bring loyal, repeat customers and profits for you.

Plan an itinerary that will sell (ie: do the research!)

Know your client:

  • Interests: golfers, wine connoisseurs, walkers, history buffs, shoppers, etc.
  • Budget: money conscious, affluent, money no object, or somewhere in between
  • Age range: young & active, mature & active, baby boomer, or senior…

Know your market:

  • What is selling: Greece, Italy, Ireland, Dubai, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Peru…
  • Competitor activities: current offers being actively promoted.
  • Information streams that will work: regular mail, Eblasts, Facebook, presentations, print ads or combos of all.

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Contact Goway Groups immediately

Since we specialize in customizing unique, innovative, and interactive group and special event travel to virtually every region in the world — South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe, we will help you every step of the way. From initial consultations to quote proposals, booking confirmations and send-offs, our expert sales coordinators and BDMs in the field are here to assist.

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For unique and innovative customized itineraries ideas, please contact the tour planning experts at GroupsOnly by Goway
or contact us:
Tel: 800 838 0618
Web: www.goway.travel/groups
Email: [email protected]

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Barbara Norton

Barbara is the Goway GROUPSOnly and Special Events General Manager having worked for the company for over 33 years. In that time, she worked as a tour director, sales representative and Groups Coordinator.

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