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Happy Travel Agent Day from the Goway Travel Family

Here at Goway Travel, we understand that the past few months have been extraordinarily difficult for travel agents. However, despite this hardship, travel agents have gone above and beyond to help their clients in their time of need. That’s why we’re extending a hearty best wishes on this year’s Travel Agent Day. You and other other travel professionals like you deserve all the congratulations in the world.

Our Chief Operating Officer, John Feenaghty, has shared this video message for our travel family, both at Goway Travel and across the travel industry:

While we celebrate the hard work and dedication of travel agents across the industry, we also know that these are tough times for travel agents. Travel is currently on pause and the future seems uncertain. Back when this crisis began, we shared this blog post celebrating travel agents as unsung heroes. These words are just as true today.

We’ve also been running an interview series with our general managers across divisions to help you get to know our team better and to share some advice during this pause in travel. We thought the following comments were worth sharing on this day:

“Use this time as a gift. Often we are so busy with our 9 to 5 that we never find time to expand our knowledge and learn new skills. I would use my time creating resources that would set myself apart from my competition once it gets busy. I’d be writing email content and growing my database by offering value to my clients in the form of hosted webinars and downloadable travel checklists. It’s important to stay as visible and top of mind as possible. This time will come to an end and it will be like a gun going off at the start of a race. Don’t be the one caught tying your shoes when that happens.”

You can read more of this interview here:

Stay safe, stay connected, and let’s get through this pause in travel together.


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