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Welcome to the New Goway: Get to Know Our New Website & Brand 

Things are looking a little different around here. We’re turning the page on an exciting new chapter for Goway. Core to our revitalization is the introduction of an all new Goway.com, a refreshed GowayPro.com (goodbye GowayAgent!), and a fresh new brand identity.  

What is the new Goway? 

A new Goway.com. 

It was time for an upgrade to the digital storefront that powers Goway, and we made a significant investment in a best-in-class site that’s designed to serve you better than ever. 

A cutting-edge user experience. 

The entire site has been redesigned with the modern user experience in mind. The site architecture is based on meticulous research, ensuring content is organized intuitively and information is clear and easy-to-find for users. It is tailored to help you sell the world and inspire your globetrotting clients. 

A sleek, modern design. 

The new Goway.com has a sophisticated design and is packed with rich media. Vibrant imagery, with big, bold colours, draws you in, and 4K video showcases incredible views of destinations around the world. 

The same great content in a new package. 

What you liked about the old Goway website is still there on the new Goway.com. This includes the ability to get quick quotes and a dynamic pricing system for over 1,000 tailor-made trips to over 115 countries on all seven continents. 

Passion and expertise. 

Core to our success are our Destination Specialists, who know the world inside and out and share your passion for travel. Our new website and brand put our Destination Specialists front and centre to showcase their diverse experiences and unparalleled expertise. 

Inspirational stories and comprehensive travel guides. 

The new Goway.com has inspirational travel stories from our Destination Specialists as well as award-winning travel writers. Every country has comprehensive travel guides that arm your clients with expert knowledge and empower you to learn more about a destination and the ways to explore it. 

Enhanced GowayPro Programs 

You’ll also notice that we’ve given a fresh coat of paint to the website formerly known as GowayAgent.com. GowayPro.com is your new home to find marketing tools, sales advice, training, and all the incentives that reward you for being a pro. 

The brand-new GowayPro Travel Tales podcast. 

We’re also launching the GowayPro Travel Tales podcast, which takes you beyond the day-to-day of travel to showcase insider stories, expert tips, and the hottest trends in the business. New episodes drop every two weeks.  

Enhanced incentives and rewards. 

We’ve improved the GowayPro Passport to a Free FAM program to make it easier than ever for you to earn a free trip with Goway. We’ve also introduced an electronic rewards card for our loyalty program so it’s easier than ever to redeem your cash rewards. 

A fresh new look for Goway 

We’re excited to unveil a new brand identity that reflects our bright future in the world of tailor-made travel. 

Goway’s new look is modern and vibrant. Our primary brand colour, Aussie Terra, is a nod to our 54-year history and our roots Downunder. You’ll see a subtle compass arrow in our new logo, pointing the way to more exciting adventures that lie ahead. 

Our travel journey has seen us forge an identity as the leaders in tailor-made travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, and evolve into experts on tailor-made travel to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. 

Our new brand showcases our expertise on the whole world and embodies Goway’s core identity as a trusted, forward-thinking travel company. 

What does all this mean for you? 

It means that Goway has a renewed commitment to providing the best tailor-made travel experiences for your globetrotting clients, and to making your life easier as a travel professional. 

Welcome to the new Goway. We’re just getting started. 


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