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Iceland: Nature’s Fire and Ice

Iceland is rightly known as the land of fire and ice, but on a recent trip to this northern country, I learned it is also a land of natural wonders, amazing cuisine, and big smiles.

Iceland is becoming a popular stop en route to and from Europe, with Icelandair offering direct flights from many US and Canadian gateways*, with a free stopover in Iceland. But it is also a destination that stands on its own merits for a stay anywhere from a long weekend to two weeks or more.

*Icelandair offers flights from Halifax, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, Edmonton, Anchorage, Denver, Orlando, Portland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Seattle

Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

Featuring amazing infrastructure along with English-speaking friendly locals, the country offers a wide variety of natural wonders and a rich Viking heritage. Some sites include the world-famous Blue Lagoon – with its claimed healing powers, and the very popular stopover option, the 5-Day Golden Circle Self-Drive. The “Circle” takes you to the largest waterfall in Europe – Gulfoss Falls, the largest geyser – naturally located in Geyser National Park, and the world’s first and longest lasting parliament body at Thingvellir.

It is also at, or more to the point, in Thingvellir that you come across the area in which Iceland is slowly being pulled apart – where the European and North American tectonic plates slowly pull apart from each other. A very cool option (pun intended) is the chance to dive or snorkel in the glacial waters that are filling the gap between the two continents.

Diving between tectonic plates_Silfra, Iceland
Diving between tectonic plates, Silfra

Dining opportunities abound in the capital city of Reykjavik, from a hot dog (the most popular meal), to locally made burgers, to more traditional choices such as horse, Minke whale, and puffin, to the standard fare of simple but awesome fish ‘n’ chips!

Suggested idea for Reykjavik:
Reykjavik Stopover

Easily accessible, visitors can travel in Iceland with either coach tours, self drive itineraries, cruises, or something fully customized. Iceland affords a number of travel options, all with opportunities to meet the friendly, smiley, and infamously welcoming local Icelanders.

Modern-Icelanders, Iceland
Modern Icelanders

Suggested Itineraries:
8-Day Mountain and Fjords Coach Tour
8-Day Iceland Express Self-Drive Summer
10-Day Iceland Circumnavigation**

**Special Offer: 3 Complimentary Shore Excursions in Iceland

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