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The NEW GowayAgent.com

Welcome to the new and improved GowayAgent.com. The new site brings a more modern look, and we’ve also added new features including a new “Meet the team” section for you to get to know our staff. Now, we’re only human and new websites sometimes aren’t perfect, so bear with us while we work through any glitches!

One major change is you only need to log into the site to create custom flyers (by creating a profile it will store your agency contact details to make life easier).

1. Everyone will need to re-register for GowayAgent.com to use the custom flyers. 

2. It’s easy to register here

3. Once you have entered you preferred user name and password, you will receive an email to set up you profile and can then over-ride the system assigned password to something you can easily remember.

4. Upon registering, you will have the option to update your personal profile information. To go back to GowayAgent.com, click on “GowayAgent” logo in the upper left hand corner.

Passwords for GowayAir.com to book flights online have not changed, and are different to the GowayAgent website.


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