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India Makes for an Ideal Group Travel Destination

India is filled with activities for any Globetrotters who want to experience the heart and soul of a foreign land. There is no better way to experience this exhilarating and challenging country than with a group. A group vacation to India offers a diversity of experiences and highlights ranging from cultural interactions to fascinating architectural treasures to stunning natural landscapes, all enhanced by the ever-present and colourful chaos of daily life. For culture vultures, history buffs, naturalists, foodies, and wellness seekers, India will not disappoint, and the experience is made all the better when like-minded Globetrotters travel together. Goway Groups Only has the experience and expertise to make the ideal group vacation to India happen.

For the Culture Vulture and History Buff

India’s historical sites, monuments, traditional villages, and religious icons are some of the country’s greatest attractions. For the traveller, every day is a lesson in history, religion, and patience. There is no better way to delve into the story of India than by following the route of the Golden Triangle to Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. In Delhi, a full day is needed to explore Old Delhi and there is no better way than on a guided walking tour. Between dodging sacred cows and maybe a few elephants, amongst a sea of horse-drawn carts, rickshaws and bicycles, all senses come alive in the narrow alleyways and markets of this ancient city.

In Agra, the Taj Mahal dominates, but why see it at midday with all the crowds when we will arrange for your group to visit at sunrise before the rush? And then there is Jaipur, with the stunning Amber Fort as its backdrop and the City Palace and Museum as its centerpiece. And everywhere shopping stalls and street vendors hawking their wares to avid shoppers with a penchant for bartering. A customized 10-12 day itinerary travelling this path through a cultural kaleidoscope is sure to enthrall any culture vulture and history buff.

For the Naturalist at Heart

For the nature and animal lover, India offers a surprising array of national parks dotted throughout the country that are blessed with a wide diversity of flora and fauna and pristine landscapes. In the national parks of Panna, Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, and Corbett, organized game drives in open-air safari vehicles will take groups out in search of tigers, leopards, gaur, sambar, and chital.

For the Foodie

India is a food lover’s delight. Its fine cuisine is as rich and diverse as its civilization with its many curries, rice dishes, meats, breads, and spices. Each region has its unique specialties, and, to really experience the food culture, eating in local restaurants and cafes is much better than at western-style hotels. For the culinary group, a home-hosted dinner is a fantastic experience to not only have delicious home cooking, but also meet locals and get a feel for daily life. Other great options are cooking classes with well-known chefs and foodie-inspired walking tours visiting local spice markets, food stalls, and bakeries and, best of all, sampling the food at every visit.

For the Wellness Seeker

With a land known for its gurus, yogis, and mysticism, it is no wonder that India has become a favorite destination for wellness seekers. Yoga and health retreats catering to small groups are dotted throughout the country and two of India’s most popular retreats catering to groups are the Ananda Retreat in the Himalayas and the Shreyas retreat near Bangalore in southern India. Both offer health consultations, yoga classes, massage therapies, meditation, and overall rejuvenating mind-body wellness consultation in magnificent surroundings. And if finding one’s inner guru is not the group’s interest, a relaxing few days at one of Goa’s famous beach resorts surely is.

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