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Level Up Your Travel Knowledge with the GowayPro Travel Academy

At Goway, we’re committed to making your life easier as a travel professional. We want to support the growth of your business, empower you with great deals and incentives, and help inspire your love of travel. We also want to help you level up your travel knowledge about the destinations you sell around the world. That’s why we’ve launched the GowayPro Travel Academy.

The world is a big place and no two destinations are alike, so there’s a lot to learn. At Goway, we have a large team of Destination Specialists who have all lived or travelled extensively through the regions they sell, so we’re putting all their destination knowledge to good use and starting the GowayPro Travel Academy. The GowayPro Travel Academy offers fun, inspirational, and educational video modules on all the destinations Goway sells around the world. 

As a subscriber of the GowayPro Travel Academy, you’ll be able to take online educational courses to learn about countries on all seven continents. Join our very own Professor Goway, Don Forster, on an educational journey through travel and acquire the knowledge needed to help you sell more vacations to more destinations.

We spent the past two years training our staff and preparing for the surge in travel that has finally arrived. We are business ready! We learned so much over the past two years that we thought we should share the knowledge with you. Thus, the GowayPro Travel Academy was born. So we hope you’ll join us on this new journey through the world of travel education. As Jim Stovall writes, “Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel.” So it’s time to get learning.

Want to know even more about the GowayPro Travel Academy? The following are details on how the program works and key advantages of subscribing to the GowayPro Travel Academy and becoming a Goway-certified specialist in countries and regions around the world.

GowayPro Travel Academy

How does the GowayPro Travel Academy work?

As a GowayPro Travel Academy subscriber, you’ll have access to modules on destinations on all seven continents. If you complete the modules for an individual country, which includes watching educational videos and completing the quiz, you’ll become a Bronze specialist for that country. If you complete the modules for a specific region, which includes the top-selling destinations in a specific part of the world—East and Southern Africa, or South America, for instance—you’ll become a Silver specialist for that region. Complete more modules for a region and you’ll level up to Gold, and if you happen to complete every single module for a region, which includes countries off the beaten track and more niche styles of travel, you’ll become a Platinum specialist for that region.

For more information on how the GowayPro Travel Academy works, check out our detailed Q&A on Goway Agent or watch the video below.

What are the key benefits of the GowayPro Travel Academy?

1. Level Up Your Destination Knowledge

It’s impossible to know everything about every country in the world. Even if you’ve been to every country, that’s a lot of knowledge to keep in your head. We understand this, so the modules in the GowayPro Travel Academy highlight the most useful sales information about the destinations that we sell around the world. This includes main landmarks, travel styles, cultural and historical facts, and, most importantly, key selling points. We want you to feel confident in your knowledge about the destinations you sell. GowayPro Travel Academy will help you build that confidence with expert knowledge and fun educational modules with relevant, easy-to-understand information.

2. Learn How to Secure Repeat Bookings

Learning how to sell a vacation to a place a client has never been is one thing. Learning how to sell a repeat booking for that client is a whole other thing and a secret to success in the travel industry. We know this, so we’ve made repeat bookings a key feature in our educational modules. By taking several courses in the GowayPro Travel Academy, you’ll learn how to secure repeat bookings by showing off your newfound knowledge of the destinations you sell. You’ll also learn how to appeal to the travel interests of your clients. You’ll know the ins-and-outs of every destination you sell, helping you tailor specific destinations and travel experiences to specific clients.

3. Become a Goway-designated Specialist

It’s nice being called special. Being called a specialist is even better, as it shows that you have an expertise that isn’t just your own opinion, but an objective fact bestowed on you by respected peers. When you complete country modules with the GowayPro Travel Academy, you’ll earn Bronze specialist status for that country. As you add on more countries in a region, you’ll upgrade your status to Silver, Gold, and eventually Platinum. When you achieve these statuses, you’ll earn badges to adorn your email signature as well as certificates letting people know that you’ve earned your specialist status through hard work and dedication. You’re a pro. You’ve earned that title. It’s time to show it off.

4. Enjoy GowayPro Rewards

While the bulk of the GowayPro Travel Academy is about the knowledge you learn that empowers you to become a more successful travel professional, we’ve also thrown in some goodies to sweeten the entire experience for subscribers. Key among these benefits is GowayPro rewards. With every module you complete in the GowayPro Travel Academy, you’ll earn cash rewards on your GowayPro rewards card. For example, once you complete a country module, if you book that country within six months, you’ll earn a bonus $25 on your GowayPro rewards card. So the more you learn, the more you earn. Become a more knowledgeable travel professional and get rewarded for it. What’s not to like?

5. Access to Exclusive Benefits

As a subscriber to the GowayPro Travel Academy, you’ll also enjoy access to exclusive benefits from Goway. In addition to bonus GowayPro rewards on the modules you complete, you’ll enjoy VIP invitations to Goway FAMs and special events, discounted personal travel, preferred access to communications, and access to newly-added training modules. There will be even more benefits added in the future, so be confident that you’ll be rewarded for your hard work with the GowayPro Travel Academy.

How can you enroll in the GowayPro Travel Academy?

School is in session! Enroll now to guarantee your seat in class by clicking here. Professor Goway will be in touch to finalize your enrollment to the GowayPro Travel Academy.

If you have any questions about the GowayPro Travel Academy, get in touch with Professor Goway Don Forster or email [email protected].

It’s time to level up your travel knowledge. It’s time to subscribe to the GowayPro Travel Academy.


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