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The Magic of Group Travel: A Personal Story

As VP of Group Sales for Goway Travel, I have been lucky enough to travel on many group tours around the world. Over 35 years, I’ve not only gained new perspectives on these destinations, but just as importantly, I’ve had the privilege of meeting fascinating like-minded travelers with the same insatiable wanderlust. My first group travel experience was 39 years ago on a Grand European 18-35 camping tour. Covering fifteen countries in 60 days, we saw and experienced more than I could have hoped, but the best part of the experience for me was the people I met from all over the world.

After 60 days of partying and having fun together, it was inevitable that we would bond and forge new friendships. Four of us gals (Canadian, Australian, and South African) became inseparable on that trip, though we didn’t know at the time if we would see each other again. Over my years of repeat visits to Australia, I managed to keep up the connection with my Australian friend. I sadly lost touch with the other two… until 2019, when through the wonders of social media, we managed to find each other again. As luck would have it, I was planning a trip to South Africa to attend Indaba, South Africa’s annual trade show for the travel industry in 2019, so we started making plans to all reunite in Cape Town. In May of this year, it all came together, and we spent four wonderful days reminiscing, sightseeing, drinking wine, and enjoying amazing culinary delights. The experience seemed ‘magical,’ and all because of our choice so long ago to join a group tour.

For the Group Tour Organizer, the ‘magic of group travel’ is a powerful selling tool that will fill your group tours in no time. Group travel is a proven and popular way to travel for all ages, interests and budgets, and Goway is on the leading edge with our unique, innovative and customized tour planning expertise.

Other great reasons to travel on a group tour:

  1. Camaraderie: Like-minded people tend to choose similar tours and experiences.
  2. Safety: That old saying, ‘safety in numbers’ rings true on a group tour.
  3. Fun: The more the merrier! More laughter at dinner, more stories to share, more friends to make.
  4. Stress-free: Some say group travel is group therapy. In any case, having a tour leader looking after everything leaves more time to embrace the experience and the destination.
  5. Convenience: One call and all the trip details such as transportation, baggage handling, meals, hotels, and touring are looked after.
  6. Flexibility: Itinerary is customized to fit the interests and budget of each group.
  7. Value: Costs are spread out and more can be included for less.

Organize a group for your valued clientele and take advantage of Goway’s experience and destination expertise to all their exciting destinations in the South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Europe. With competitive pricing, innovative itineraries, assistance with promotions and advertising, assistance with designing flyers and E-brochures, comprehensive documentation and Group Information Flyers, Groups Only has all the bases covered so you will have a winning combo of happy, repeat customers and steady profitability

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Barbara Norton

Barbara is the Goway GROUPSOnly and Special Events General Manager having worked for the company for over 33 years. In that time, she worked as a tour director, sales representative and Groups Coordinator.

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