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Make Your Mark in 2023 with Goway’s Trade Incentives

The New Year brings new opportunities. While not every single person’s resolutions for 2023 will turn out, we do have some surefire ways to reward you for the hard work you put in this year: industry-leading incentives!

At Goway, we know that it’s hard work being a travel professional. We also know that people work in this industry because they have a passion for travel. That’s why we reward our travel partners with a variety of incentives, which include free FAMs and cash rewards. Take advantage of the following key incentives to make your mark in 2023.

Passport to a Free FAM

I’m delighted to let everyone know that we’ve extended our popular Passport to a Free FAM promotion for the entirety of 2023! 

One of the most common questions our sales team gets asked is how can a travel professional secure a spot on a Goway FAM? You simply fill out your passport, which is as easy as 1, 2, 3…. 

1. Book each of Goway’s destination regions: Africa & Middle East; Asia; Central & South America; Downunder & South Pacific; UK & Europe; US & Canada.

2. Book a group vacation to anywhere in the world with Goway Groups Only, which you can apply to any destination as a wild card stamp.

3. Claim your free FAM trip with Goway.*

Goway now crafts vacations to over 110 countries on all seven continents, so it’s never been easier to sell the world and secure your free FAM with Goway. Start booking now and collect your stamps for your passport and you’ll be enjoying a free FAM in no time.

*Terms & Conditions apply. See Goway Agent for full details.


As a travel professional working with Goway, you can also take advantage of our GowayPro Loyalty Program, which includes a training program and industry-leading rewards program.

To help you sell the 110 destinations Goway offers, join the GowayPro Travel Academy, which features over 100 video-based training modules on countries and regions all over the world. You’ll learn essential facts about each nation, as well as handy selling tips and tricks to attract repeat travellers. Make sure to sign up for the GowayPro Travel Academy to increase your destination knowledge and become an expert on the whole world. Knowledge is power!

As well, with GowayPro, you’ll enjoy cash rewards on every booking you make. Simply make a booking and you’ll be rewarded with money on your own personal GowayPro Visa card. You can also upgrade your status and increase your rewards on every booking. The more you sell, the more you earn. You can learn more about the GowayPro Loyalty Program at Goway Agent.

3 E’s of Goway

To conclude, I want to remind everyone of the 3 E’s of working with Goway, which captures our industry advantage.

1. Expertise

We are the experts in travel and your own Destination Specialist will see through the entire booking from start to finish. Our Destination Specialists are true experts, having either lived, worked, or travelled extensively throughout the regions they sell.

2. Experience

We have been in business since 1970 (that’s over 52 years!), are fully bonded with USTOA, and have dedicated groups and air divisions. We have seen and done it all.

3. Ease

Our goal is to make travel professionals’ lives easier. We want you to be able to focus on your clients, so if there’s any way we can help you close the sale, we’ll do it.

It’s a new year and an exciting time to be a travel professional. Make the most of it and take advantage of these incentives during 2023. If you want to receive news, tips, deals, and travel stories from the experts at Goway, sign up for our Agent Update and Special Offers newsletters on our website.

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Renee Stanton-Defaria

Renee’s love for travel and adventure has been a significant part of her life since she was just six months old when she embarked on her first trip overseas to Fiji. She has lived in different parts of the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Her travels have taken her to 58 countries across the globe, where she has had the opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures and ways of life. Renee’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Her career in the travel industry spans over two decades, during which she has worked as a travel agent and held managerial positions in aviation, insurance, and wholesale travel. Apart from her professional life, Renee has a passion for adventure and enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and immersing herself in new cities. She also has a keen interest in exploring the culinary delights of different countries. Overall, Renee’s extensive experience in the travel industry, combined with her love for adventure and discovering new cultures, makes her a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual in the field of travel.

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