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Meet the South Pacific Experts of Goway GroupsOnly

Goway’s South Pacific Group Experts have had a very busy year creating unique customized itineraries to the lands Downunder. There is so much to experience in Australia and New Zealand that planning an itinerary for a group can be daunting. That’s when it’s time to contact Goway and let our group experts lead the way.

For foodies, wine connoisseurs, sports aficionados, culture/history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and everything in between, the Antipodes will never disappoint. A trip focused on special interests is always enhanced when like-minded Globetrotters travel together, and Goway Groups Only has the experience and expertise to make that happen.

Our top South Pacific experts share their favourite itineraries for the year. Because our itineraries are all customized for your group and budget, these itineraries and many more are available year-round, ready to be ‘tweaked’ to suit the specific needs of your group.

Raewyn Reid
A native Kiwi, Raewyn is one of North America’s top group sales specialists with over 30 years’ experience planning groups to the South Pacific. She is a true sales professional with impeccable customer service combined with the destination knowledge to ensure a successful journey from start to finish. She has traveled extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific islands, as well as to dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Raewyn recommends: The Way the World Should Be: New Zealand Rediscovered

Shelley Mussenden
Over the many years that Shelley has been selling groups, she has tackled every type of request with thought and creativity. From Milford Sound trekking groups, to wine connoisseurs in the Barossa, to golfers hitting the links in Melbourne, Shelley has planned them all. She likes to create itineraries that inspire, rejuvenate and educate. Her favourite? An itinerary to the cultural heart of Australia that incorporates aboriginal culture, unique wildlife, and wellness:

Shelley recommends: Australia: A Journey of Contrasts

Lee Nicholson
A true Globetrotter, Lee has spent most of his life travelling, first with his family, later as a Tour Director, and now with Goway Groups Only. He has many favourite destinations but one that is always on top of his list is North Queensland, Australia for its laid-back tropical lifestyle, fascinating natural landscapes, and unique aboriginal culture. Here is one of his ‘fave’ itineraries:

Lee recommends: Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Soul in Australia

Christine Ji
Based in our Toronto Office, Christine has a strong background in both Asia and South Pacific group sales. Over her decade-long career, Christine has worked both in wholesale and retail sales and has travelled to Australia and New Zealand, as well as China, Vietnam, France, Italy, and Switzerland. She heartily recommends New Zealand as a golfing destination.

Christine recommends: New Zealand Golf Tour

Paula Polachek
Paula loves to create itineraries that are both fun and innovative. Whether you have a group of foodies or golfers or a combination of both, Paula has the expertise to incorporate everyone’s interests. One of our most popular destinations this year for its high-end golf courses and for its strong emphasis on a sustainable local food culture has been Tasmania. By all accounts, 2020 will be no different for the group traveller.

Paula recommends: Walking the Isles of Australia: A Tasmania and Kangaroo Island Adventure

No group is too big, too small, or too unusual for the planning experts of Goway Groups Only!

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Barbara Norton

Barbara is the Goway GROUPSOnly and Special Events General Manager having worked for the company for over 33 years. In that time, she worked as a tour director, sales representative and Groups Coordinator.

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