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Now Is The Perfect Time to Plan Your 2024 Group Vacation

Are you considering a group vacation? If you are, it’s never too early to plan ahead! While it’s only April 2023, it’s already the prime season to book group vacations for 2024. Group travel is more popular than ever so you want to book ahead to secure your spot, lock in the best price, and avoid potential disappointment.

Group travel is one of the hottest ways to travel

“Groups” is one of the trendiest buzzwords in the travel industry. It’s no wonder why group vacations are so popular. After the dismal past few years, people want to reconnect with family and friends and explore the world together. And instead of doing a cookie cutter vacation, they’re thinking outside the box and planning a group vacation tailored to their specific interests.

The beauty of a group vacation with Goway Groups Only is that it can be tailored to any and all interests. Do you have a group of wildlife photographers? We can plan an unforgettable safari in East Africa that lets everyone get their best photos of lions and elephants. Do you have a group of wine connoisseurs? Let’s plan a wine getaway to New Zealand, where every day is structured around visits to wineries and gorgeous cellars in the countryside. We can also plan special dinners in unique locations, incredible behind-the-scenes access to historical landmarks, and so much more. With Goway Groups Only, the world is your oyster.

Why you should plan ahead when planning a group vacation

We’re seeing a race for space right now as demand for group travel is booming. One of the main advantages of booking ahead is securing space right now, typically at a special group rate. This protects you from dynamic pricing that can balloon the costs of a group vacation.

As well, booking ahead helps your Group Specialist secure preferred accommodations, transportation, and activities. It also gives you plenty of time to work with your Group Specialist to craft a vacation that goes far beyond the ordinary. There’s no limit to what your group vacation can be. With Groups Only, your itinerary is as unique as your group is. But the more time to plan and grow your group, the better.

Remember that when working with Goway Groups Only, your Group Specialist will help with all aspects of the planning process. They’ll help you select the right destination, include activities that fit your group’s specific interests, arrange logistics, and provide support every step of the way. Furthermore, we can even help you market your group and grow it if you’re having trouble filling all the spots.

We can plan group vacations to 115 destinations on all seven continents, but some specific destinations are trendier than others at the moment. Dubai is particularly hot—and we don’t mean the weather. It’s a great spot for shopping, beaches, and culture, and is easy to get to from everywhere in the world with great air connections. Ghana is increasingly popular with American travelers, as it’s a safe and gorgeous destination that allows many people to trace their heritage and see some amazing wildlife as well. 

South Africa is a favorite for its mix of city life, wine, and wildlife experiences. Bali is always popular for its great food scene, beaches, and wellness opportunities. Greece and Egypt are also trending hot right now. Greece has its mixture of ancient history and gorgeous islands to relax on, while Egypt has some of the world’s greatest historical treasures.

Spring into ’24 Groups Only incentive

To give you some extra motivation to plan ahead this spring, we’re offering a bonus $100 on your GowayPro Rewards Card for all group bookings made between April 1, 2023 and May 13, 2023 for travel in 2024. You can earn this on all air/land and land-only group travel arrangements for 2024, although not on air-only bookings.

For full details, check out our incentives page. Plan ahead to lock in the details of a dream 2024 group vacation and get rewarded. What’s not to like!


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