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The Power of the Pied Piper

Travel is most rewarding when it is done with a purpose. Taking heed of this, baby boomers are combining their passions for travel with their favorite pastimes. The key to cultivating valuable group bookers, who generate profit and become repeat clients, is having a good group leader. These ‘Pied Pipers’ develop a loyal following and have the skill to capitalize on the group’s dual passions. Pied Pipers promote with enthusiasm and can play many roles in your community, from local celebrities to church leaders, store owners with product that compliments travel (wine, golf, food/cooking), club presidents, and many others. Pied Pipers come from all walks of life; they are people-oriented, influential, personable, trustworthy, committed, and are true sales people. A good Pied Piper will bring loyal, repeat customers to you. Tapping the power of the Pied Piper in combination with the tour planning expertise of Goway will ensure you successful group business for years to come.

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So who are the most sought after Pied Pipers?

Local celebrities: Radio hosts, Local TV hosts, Chefs, Sports figures etc
Golf Pros
Educational: Alumni clubs, Teachers, Book Clubs
Wellness/yoga instructors
Church Leaders
Hobby Club Presidents: Heritage and Conservation Societies, Friends of Library/Museum, Quilters
Gardeners, Weavers and Potters, Seniors’ Centres
Service Club Presidents: Rotary, Lions, Masons, Hospital Auxilaries
Runners & Walkers
Singles Groups
Garden/Horticultural Clubs
Sports Clubs: Hiking/Walking Groups, Divers…

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If you love to travel, you and your Pied Piper will instill a passion to experience one’s favorite activity in a fantastic locale. Know your group, build rapport with your Goway Coordinator, sell yourself, and don’t give up!

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Barbara Norton

Barbara is the Goway GROUPSOnly and Special Events General Manager having worked for the company for over 33 years. In that time, she worked as a tour director, sales representative and Groups Coordinator.

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