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Reconnecting Families Through Travel

There is no doubt that one of the top trends in group travel in 2019 is multigenerational travel. When grandparents, parents, kids, aunts, and uncles all travel together in small groups, they not only have a chance to reconnect but create lasting memories in fantastic destinations. Goway is on the front edge of this trend, with customized itineraries that fit the interests and budgets of each family.

Multigenerational family groups travel for many different reasons. They might be celebrating anniversaries or milestones, older family members wanting to relive and share their past trips, exploring family ancestral roots, visiting long-lost relatives, or just wanting to slow down and forge closer bonds through shared experiences.

The type of travel styles requested by family groups is just as varied as their reasons. Cruising is a great option since there are so many activities each day that cater to all ages. Stay-puts in multi-room villas, manor houses or mansions can be very affordable. Self-drive convoys are fun and flexible, and charter mini-coach touring is a great way to see multiple cities and varied landscapes with the added bonus of a tour leader looking after everybody and everything.

Where are these family groups going? Destinations around the world are getting their share of family love. In Asia, Thailand and Bali are especially popular, while in Africa, South Africa reigns supreme. Australia rules the South Pacific for family travel, while in Latin America that honour goes to Peru. But the most popular destination in Europe with the top three regions being Mediterranean countries, Nordic countries, and the United Kingdom.

…the most popular destination in Europe

The time is now to start capitalizing on the growing popularity of families travelling together. The trend shows no sign of slowing, as more Baby Boomers with time and money move into retirement. It is an easy sell with the group (typically 8–15 pax) ‘ready-made’ and motivated. Be mindful of the planning challenges created by such a wide variety of ages, interests and activity levels. Lots of free days, flexibility, and optional touring are the keys to success, and in this case, family harmony! Goway’s destination specialists will be there every step of the way to ensure a great family group getaway for your clients.

Contact Goway’s Groups team to start planning your client’s family group getaway, or call 1-800-838-0618.

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Barbara Norton

Barbara is the Goway GROUPSOnly and Special Events General Manager having worked for the company for over 33 years. In that time, she worked as a tour director, sales representative and Groups Coordinator.

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