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Rely on the Experts at Goway for Air Consolidation and Group Travel

We pride ourselves on being the travel experts at Goway. You’re likely familiar with our Destination Specialists and their first-hand expertise on the destinations they sell, but did you know that Goway also has experts handling air consolidation and customized group tour planning? We do. In fact, at Goway we have our own dedicated air consolidation business, Goway Air, as well as a group division, Groups Only

Within our air and group departments alone, our staff bring a combined 300 years of travel experience! And if you have a group of 10 or more, be sure to book your air with us as well and reap all the benefits, which include a streamlined booking process, airfare and seats held up to one year, flexibility in ticketing timelines, and, depending on the airline, free travel for tour directors. So believe us when we say we are the air and group experts.

Experts In Air Consolidation

Our air division, known as Goway Air, works with all the major North American airlines. We also have contracts with all of the airline alliances, which enables us to navigate through the most competitive airfares on offer. The division’s strength lies in complex air bookings. I recall when I was a travel agent and clients would request around-the-world airfares. I would try to piece everything together and it’d sometimes take me hours simply to get everything to fit together. Boy, do I wish I had our air experts to work with back then. When you have an air consolidator with exceptional knowledge in air bookings, all it takes is a simple email or call to get everything sorted.

One of the things I love about our air division is the range of airfares we offer. Not only do we sell economy, but we also have fantastic rates on seats in premium cabins. If you have any routes you would like Goway to quote, simply log onto our online booking engine or give our air experts a call. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

There’s one last thing I should mention: hold times. I’m sure you’re experiencing some pretty lengthy hold times with airlines at the moment. I totally understand that the airlines have been through a difficult year and are readjusting to the demand at the moment, which is fair, but with Goway, you can speak to a real person and won’t have to wait on the line. This is especially important if your clients want to make time-sensitive changes. All you need to do is give a simple call to your Goway expert and they’ll help you out immediately.

Experts in Group Travel

Groups Only by Goway is another division within Goway that excels at their niche in the travel industry. If you are familiar with working with groups, you’ll know firsthand that there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to handcrafting a one-of-a-kind itinerary for your clients. But that very challenge is a part of the joy of working in group travel. Goway’s group experts love the challenge.

Like the experts in our FIT division, our group experts are well travelled and bring their own experiences to every vacation they plan. They understand what it takes to ensure a successful group vacation, from that first booking inquiry to the final landing. They can assist novice travel advisors in getting their first group vacation off the ground, but they’re equally adept at helping out old pros with the minor details. We always get glowing reviews from our most experienced travel partners claiming that our group consultants are one of the main reasons they’re so successful at planning group vacations.

At Goway, it’s not just about the individual transactions or vacations, but more so about the connection we make with our travel partners. We’re there to help turn travellers’ dreams into reality and exceed their expectations. Our Groups Only division specializes in crafting custom itineraries for unique special interest groups or any group of 10 or more like-minded travellers. This could be a church group travelling to Jordan, a group of friends celebrating a 50th birthday at Oktoberfest in Germany, or a multi-generational family reunited in Australia. Goway is here to help you craft these vacations for your clients and convert the sale.

Goway’s travel experts are more than just Destination Specialists to over 100 destinations worldwide. We’re the air and group experts as well. We’re here to help your clients travel the world their way and are just a call or email away. So get in touch and let’s make travel dreams a reality.

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Renee Stanton-Defaria

Renee’s love for travel and adventure has been a significant part of her life since she was just six months old when she embarked on her first trip overseas to Fiji. She has lived in different parts of the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Her travels have taken her to 58 countries across the globe, where she has had the opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures and ways of life. Renee’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Her career in the travel industry spans over two decades, during which she has worked as a travel agent and held managerial positions in aviation, insurance, and wholesale travel. Apart from her professional life, Renee has a passion for adventure and enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and immersing herself in new cities. She also has a keen interest in exploring the culinary delights of different countries. Overall, Renee’s extensive experience in the travel industry, combined with her love for adventure and discovering new cultures, makes her a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual in the field of travel.

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