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Slow Down and Smell the Roses on a Customized Group Itinerary

The best group itineraries are ones that include not just compelling and authentic experiences, but also allow for spontaneous, unplanned experiences that make the traveler say “wow.” These special experiences are far more likely to happen on a customized, tailor-made tour, which allows for more flexibility than a time-constricted, scheduled tour.

While everyone wants to hit the ‘must-sees,’ the 21st century group traveler also wants the freedom to slow down and (occasionally, at least!) sleep in. Itineraries that cram five churches and two museum stops into one day don’t leave much time to stroll, window shop, haggle and barter, chat with the locals, stand in awe at some once-in-a-lifetime sight, and, yes, simply “stop and smell the roses!”  

A good group tour is all about finding and enjoying that balance. Here are some of our favorite spontaneous experiences from past Goway group trips:

  • Stopping to listen as monks began their morning chants behind the monastery walls
  • Being invited to join a community gathering on a local beach
  • Turning a corner in our coach to find a parade in progress, getting out to watch the spectacle unfold
  • Standing in awe of a glorious sunset over a desert landscape until darkness falls
  • Compliments to the chef, particularly for the tour of his kitchen!
  • Being greeted by a mob of kangaroos as we took a stroll in the bush
  • Waving to the Lord of an 18th century manor house on our guided tour – only to be invited in for tea
  • An impromptu shopping spree with all the best bargains!
  • Stopping to savour the smells wafting from a local bakery, only to have the baker run out with hot samples for us to taste
  • Quite literally taking time to “smell the roses” on a garden tour

To start planning your client’s own perfectly balanced group tour, visit our “Sample Group Itineraries: By Theme” page on Goway.com


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