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Spend Less Time Airside with Airside and Goway Travel

Goway Travel is offering globetrotters a discount on the best Mobile Passport experience.

American travel writer and author of The Great Railway Bazaar, Paul Theroux is often quoted as saying “travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” One of the least glamorous aspects of travel is waiting in a long line at customs. At Goway, we hate the wait as much as anyone else (nothing caps off a 14 hour flight from Australia like an extra hour standing in line at LAX), so we are thrilled to partner with Mobile Passport, a new app from Airside Mobile that allows US and Canadian passport holders to speed through the entry process at 29 major US air and cruise ports.

Streamlining customs procedures, Mobile Passport pre-approves the traveller ahead of time. Users submit their passport information via the app, then present the bar code that’s returned to them at customs. This can save a frequent flyer hours of queuing each year, not to mention the inconvenience of missed connections at large US hubs such as LAX, Miami, Atlanta, or Chicago O’Hare.

A free version of Mobile Passport is now available for both iPhone and Android. The paid version of the app however allows travellers to store details for multiple travellers, saving the hassle of re-entering details for every flight, which is particularly useful when flying with a family. Goway customers receive $2 off the paid version of the app when they use the discount code GOWAY_VIPS_2019.

Mobile Passport is now available for iOS and Android.


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