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Take Your Next Group to Croatia

For the globetrotting group, Croatia, in the heart of the Balkans, might just be ideal for that next great Europe getaway. Offering a rich history, plus a diversity of landscapes, and experiences to please any group, Croatia embodies the best of the Adriatic, from its culture-loving capital, Zagreb, all the way down the stunning Dalmatian Coast. The experience is greatly enhanced when like-minded Globetrotters travel together, and Goway GroupsOnly has the expertise to make that group Croatia vacation happen. 

Four Ways For Groups To Explore Croatia

Cruise the Adriatic

Croatia’s islands are a major part of its appeal, and an Adriatic cruise is by far the easiest way to visit them. From Korcula, to Hvar, to Mljet, to Brac, the islands are dotted with small villages and towns packed with history, each seeming as picturesque (or more so!) than the last. Most popular cruises depart from Split or Dubrovnik, both of which are likely additions to any Croatia vacation, so a Croatia cruise makes an easy extension from either city, or a fun way to connect the two if time allows.

Sailing together as a group not only significantly reduces your cost, it lets you focus on the side of Croatia’s islands that interests you most, whether it’s history, gorgeous natural bays, dining (typically al fresco), or swimming and snorkeling in the unspoiled waters of the Adriatic.

Old Town Dubrovnik

Take a Walking tour of Dubrovnik

Some residents of the relatively small and once somewhat hidden ‘Pearl of the Adriatic,’ Dubrovnik, have… mixed feelings about their hometown’s newfound booming popularity with tourists, and the show that kicked it all off, Game of Thrones. That being said, it’s easy to arrange a filming locations tour here if your group is keen. Just don’t neglect everything that earned Dubrovnik its pearly moniker in the first place. 

Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site that deserve to be explored in their own right. For the best view of the city, your more active groupies might want to hike up Mount Srd (don’t worry, there’s also a cable car!). St Lawrence Fortress is another of the city’s must sees. More than anything however, Dubrovnik is a city that rewards wanderers, so don’t be afraid to split up and explore. You’ll have some great stories for when you regroup at one of Dubvonik’s countless historic bars or restaurants.

A Day in Krka National Park

The Plitvice Lakes are renowned as one of Europe’s beauty spots, but they aren’t the only inland treasure in Croatia’s crown. Krka National Park is renowned for its series of seven beautiful waterfalls. For active travellers, it also has one up on Plitvice. You can swim in the pools the Krka falls overlook!

With plenty of nature trails to explore leading to both natural sights and a small outdoor museum that illustrates pre-industrial life on the river, and the role the waterfalls have played in the region’s story, it’s easy to spend a whole day here. You can even enjoy an al fresco picnic lunch in this pristine environment.

Learn to Cook Croatian

If you’re not sure exactly what constitutes ‘Croatian cuisine’ don’t worry! The cities of Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb are all culinary hubs with award-winning international chefs that are keeping alive the techniques and recipes of the country’s traditional fare, some of whom are willing to send visitors home with their secrets. Great for small groups, a typical class starts with meeting the chef at the local vegetable and fish markets to buy fresh food for the various dishes. And then it’s back to the studio for a fun, hands-on experience making classic Croatian seafood, rice, and pasta dishes. Once all the dishes are made, the best part is sitting down together to enjoy all the creations.      

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