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Thailand – Where Luxury Travel Meets Affordability

Goway, along with the Thailand Tourism Authority, are promoting Affordable Luxury Travel in Thailand.

Affordable Luxury in Thailand

We at Goway have packaged great deals with luxury hotels – perfect for solo travellers, families, and couples all seeking relaxation, indulgence, and adventure. With airfare already included, you and your clients are going to love the price of these packages!

Thailand is a country full of splendour, colour, and culture. and you can experience it all at an affordable price.

Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant, Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa
Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant, Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa

Showcasing the best of Thai hospitality, cuisine, world class beaches, and stunning waters of the Andaman, the beaches of Phuket are a perfect place to unwind, whether it be after your visit to Bangkok or Chiang Mai, or just as a much-needed escape from the North American cold.

Your time is at leisure, so go ahead and customize your perfect beach holiday. Enjoy cultural sightseeing, nature experiences, culinary tourism, water sports, or just lazing on the beach. Whichever you choose, the dramatic limestone bays and sandy beaches of Phuket offer an unforgettable backdrop to your relaxation.

This journey to Thailand has all the elements one can ask for, and more… do it with affordable luxury!

Reward Yourself!
With each booking of any Thailand Goway luxury resort, GSA agents will earn an additional $50 towards their Goway Rewards Card.


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