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Why Group Travel For Women is on the Rise

“My homebody husband doesn’t want me to travel alone, but I’m adventurous. What should I do?”

This headline, found in the travel section of a national newspaper reflects a dilemma faced by many globetrotting women. We yearn to see the world, but circumstances can prevent us from making that trek to Tuscany to sample wine, or putting on our khakis for that photographic safari to Kruger National Park in South Africa. We’re footloose and fancy free, but can’t always find a travelling companion. While possible, it can be scary to travel to an unknown place on our own. The thing is, we don’t have to!

Goway’s GroupsOnly Department, specializes in customizing women’s itineraries for travel all over the world. Want to recreate the experiences in “Eat, Pray, Love?” We can create the perfect tour for that. Want to bask ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ drinking wine and making pasta? Goway Groups can put that together too. Exploring the souks of Morocco or singing along to the Sound of Music in Austria? Yes and yes. Maybe you want to give back and volunteer for a day at a woman’s shelter or at a woman’s local craft guild? No problem. And if you want to explore the mystique of Dubai, trek in search of Gorillas in Uganda, or yell ‘fore’ to a mob of kangaroos in Australia with other like-minded women, we will take care of all those details too.

As a family-owned and operated business for 50 years, Goway knows all about nurturing and giving back and these qualities are interwoven throughout our unique, customized women’s itineraries. So if you’d like to put together an itinerary tailor-made for your female clients who are yearning to travel with other ladies, please give Goway’s GroupsOnly a call. For more info please visit our GroupsOnly section on Goway.com


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