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Recommend Readers Name Goway Travel Best Tour Operator – Asia Pacific

Earlier this month Goway Travel was thrilled to accept Recommend magazine’s Reader Choice Award Gold prize in the Best Tour Operator – Asia Pacific category for the second consecutive year.

The awards were announced in Recommend’s December issue and during the USTOA annual conference, which gathered some of North America’s biggest travel companies.

Goway has grown to have specialist teams focusing on Africa, Latin America and most recently Europe, but the South Pacific and Asia remain as an enormous strength for the almost 50 year old travel wholesaler. In 2016, Goway adopted the bold promotional tagline ‘We Own the Pacific’ a claim backed up with a wide range of product, along with 56 reasons to go Downunder with Goway.

“We cater to Globetrotters”, Bruce Hodge, Goway president says, “and offer a wide range of iconic, bucket list, and off-the-beaten path experiences. I hope travel agents have found us the perfect partner when arranging far-flung experiences, and that Goway’s specialist teams make our travel agent partners look good to their Globetrotting clients. Our ultimate goal is to have prospective Globetrotters book with you and us again. So thank you for your support and for your votes. We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful 2018!”


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